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Onion River Sports Gave to Over 60 Local Non-Profits and Community Organizations in 2014-15

By shopping at Onion River Sports, your support helps us to support these amazing local non-profits and community organizations! As a local business, we believe in supporting our community, specifically organizations that support the environment, trails, healthy lifestyles and our local community in Central Vermont. Please see below for our guidelines and application.

Onion River Sports has donated over $20,000.00 over the last year in conjunction with local community leaders and local businesses to give back and support our surrounding community.


Onion River Community Gift Guidelines

If your organization or group would like to request support from Onion River Sports, The Shoe Horn Boutique or Onion River Kids, please follow the guidelines below and email your request to carrie (at) at least 2 weeks before your event to give us ample time to respond.

Recognizing the many non-profit organizations that contribute numerous services to our communities in Vermont, the following guidelines should assist a non-profit in making a donation request for gifts. Generally, Onion River Sports will:

  • Donate to charitable or non-profit organizations only, not individuals.
  • Contribute to Vermont-based nonprofit organizations that serve needs and benefit the people living within ORS’s service area.
  • Consider the severity of need, the level of funding available from other sources and the likelihood that the donation will help to bring about desired outcomes.

Generally, company policy, budget limitations and/or federal law prevent Onion River from providing support to:

  • Multi year capital facility or endowment campaigns.
  • National charities or their local affiliates.
  • Special interest groups such as political, labor, religious, fraternal, veterans or lobbying organizations.
  • Individuals, including scholarships or travel-related expenses.
  • Organizations or projects focused outside Vermont or the United States.

Generally, organizations and activities meeting the established criteria will fall into the following categories:

  • Healthcare, Housing and Human Services programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Performing Arts and Cultural Activities
  • Environmental and Preservation Programs
  • Onion River Sports will accept written requests only. When possible, organizations should include in the request:

    • Amount of request and how fund will be used
    • Statement of purpose of the organization
    • Number and location of people served by the organization
    • List of Board of Directors
    • IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit qualification letter – if available.

    If you meet the requirements above, download our charitable contributions request form.

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