We all love to get out into the woods, and enjoy a green and peaceful trail, put in some miles, by foot or on a bike, and maybe even pitch a tent, make a fire and watch the sunset at the end of the day! Well, it’s pretty easy to make this happen, and if you are time-crunched, like many of us, just plan on a short and sweet trip, a S24O, or sub 24 hour overnight. Pack up the right (amount of) gear, make sure it’s attached to your bike properly, pick a trail and go! Just go. That’s oftentimes the most important thing. Just go for it.

Here’s a couple tips, tricks and pointers for you to have a great time out in the woods, both on and off the bike.  …coming soon.

Watch some very inspiring videos on bikepacking right here. Enjoy:

We also compiled a very helpful and interesting list of bikepacking related links for you to check out.

Happy camping, everyone!

And last, but not least, check out this gallery of ORS staff’s bikes, trips and adventures. (More to come soon)