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The Preseason Bike Sale April 9-12


Check out these deals – and many more during our Annual Preseason Bike Sale,  April 9-12!

ALL Bikes will be ON SALE! Get 10% – 20% Off of All Cycling Accessories like Helmets, Computers, Cycling Shoes and MORE!  20% Off of Cycling Clothing including shorts, jerseys and bibs for men and women – and cold weather cycling clothing, too! ALL of our bike racks will be […]

Rasputitsa Gravel Grinder Training Rides with Onion River Sports


Need to get some miles in before the Rasputitsa, WATA (Waterbury) Gravel Grinder and our own Muddy Onion Spring Classic dirt road rides? So do we! Join us at 5:30pm on the three Tuesdays leading up to the Rasputitsa–March 24th, March 31st and April 7th–to kick your rear into high gear for the spring riding season! We’ll leave the Onion River parking lot shortly after 5:30pm, […]

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Winter riding just got warmer! With the Lake MXZ303 shoe.

Here at Onion River we are always trying to set you up with the greatest latest gear to improve your outdoor adventure. This winter happens to be one of the coldest in a long time and this is why we decided to check out the new Lake MXZ303 winter cycling shoe. We did a small badge of Special orders for a few of our […]

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Muddy Onion Spring Classic Dirt Road Ride – April 26th

Join ORS for this year’s third annual Dirt Road Classic, the Muddy Onion. Come enjoy a 34 mile (mostly) dirt road ride in and around Montpelier’s beautifully-scenic dirt roads. This unique “gravel grinder” will feature rolling hills, historic farms, beautiful views and plenty of climbing: about 4000ft of it! It’s the perfect way to kick off the spring riding season.

Registration is $25 and you can sign up early at  Bikereg.com or the […]

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6th Annual Frozen Onion in Hubbard Park Photos

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Custom Carver Ti O’Beast Fat Bike Project – Titanium is forever!

From your Fat Bike headquarters here at Onion River Sports:

Titanium is forever!

Since Fat bikes have proven themselves to be fun, awesome winter trail bikes, as well as handling incredibly well on dry mountain bike trails in the summer, the lines between a true winter fat bike and the latest trail bike are blurred more and more. And if you are looking for a soft […]

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops FAT BIKE with Rock Shox Bluto – IN STOCK!

Size Large, but we can definitely swap it over onto our Medium or XL ICT Ops! Stop in today to test ride and take one of these beauties home!

Sweeten the deal?! Sure! Check it out…


Why am I special? Here’s why:

Ice Cream Truck Ops is a ‘little brother’ of sorts to the Ice Cream Truck but both share the same Surly 4130 triple butted Cro-Moly Ice […]

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Happy ORS “FAT” Folks

Of course we’d never refer to anyone as “fat” here at ORS. However, there are quite a few folks that have “gotten fat” this past year and couldn’t be happier. Check out those smiles! Nice FAT BIKES!

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Night riding season is here: NEW Light & Motions are in!

The darker days are coming back, if we want them to or not. There’s been some recent late summer rides that ended in the dark already, and it is time to grab a set of lights for your ride before you go.

We have just what you need:

The new line of Light and Motion Lights, ranging from 350 to 1200 lumens (and up)! Great price […]

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Monster Cross!

With spring just around corner, it’s time to start thinking bikes. And with that thought in mind and miles of dirt roads just outside the door, we put together a bike that has just an appetite for this kind of riding: a monster cross! What’s a monster cross bike you say? It’s typically a 29”-wheeled mountain bike with drop style handlebars and wider tires […]

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