Dry and fast:

The tire of choice for these conditions is the Specialized Roubaix Pro 2bliss 700×30/32! Great fast-rolling tire, with some volume to absorb the roughest road surfaces.
Tech talk:
The Roubaix Pro 2BR is a 2Bliss Ready endurance road tire that’s well suited for smooth and rough roads alike. That’s because it’s fast like any competitive road tire, only it features a unique Endurant casing with bead-to-bead puncture protection. The casing smooths your ride and keeps you fresh, while the tread handles responsively. Add to this the lower pressures and natural pinch-flat protection that tubeless setups provide, and you’ll be hammering through corners confidently in no time.
Casing: 120 TPI
Bead: Foldable
Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
Compound: GRIPTON
Flat Protection: Endurant Casing and BlackBelt
700 x 30mm/32mm; psi 45-90; approximate weight 375g


Mixed weather, little bit of everything:

Kenda’s Happy Medium Pro 700×32! Great tire for dirt and gravel, smooth rolling on pavement but with aggressive side knobs for safe cornering and good grip and stability in mud and on loose gravel.
Tech talk:
This tire is best for dry hard pack and grassy terrain. The Happy Medium is two tires in one; the center of the tire gives you the straight line speed you need to win the hole-shot and the cornering knobs will keep you upright in the turns.

Two tires in one – fast rolling center section paired with aggressive outer edges for cornering control
Knobs designed for seamless transitions from center to edge
A universal design that is applicable to a wide variety of riding styles and conditions


Wet and muddy, maybe even some frost/snow:

Clement X’Plor MSO 700×40! (If you can fit it!) An aggressive, knobbier (all road) tire to conquer the muddiest and softest roads as well as provide great grip on loose gravel and even snowy roads.
Tech talk:
Clement’s X’Plor adventure tire series is designed to bridge the gap between pavement and blazing your own trail. Each tire within this series is designed for multiple conditions from off-road touring to gravel racing to just getting outta’ Dodge.
Product Features:
Size: 700 x 32 mm, 700 x 36 mm and  700 x 40 mm
Tread: Smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs.
Soft rubber compound for extra grip and shock absorption.
Casing: 60tpi or 120tpi versions available.
Details: Clincher, folding bead, (or tubeless ready) color black

See you at the Muddy Onion!