Oh the Places You'll Go (on an E-bike)

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Oh the Places You'll Go (on an E-bike)

E-bikes are getting more popular and for good reason! They’re fun to ride, a more sustainable commuting option, and a good way to get some fresh air and exercise. If you’re new to e-bikes, you may be hesitant to try one. Whether it’s because you’re nervous about the extra power from the electric assist, or convinced the electric assist is “cheating”, we encourage you to put aside your initial thoughts and give it a try! 


E-bikes can open doors for you if:

• You want to ride your bike farther than you comfortably can now

• You want to ride hillier terrain or carry heavy loads 

• You want to bike-commute without getting too sweaty in your work clothes

• You want to try replacing your vehicle with a bike but are concerned about going the distance in the time you have available

• You’ve got recurring aches, pains or injuries that deter you from taking a spin


What makes an e-bike an e-bike?

E-bikes are bicycles that are powered by a small motor. Some of these motors require pedaling in order to kick in (Class 1 and 3 bikes), while other e-bikes are equipped with a throttle that can provide assistance without pedaling (Class 2 bikes). At ORO, we sell and rent e-bikes that require pedaling. These bikes will greatly boost your input until the bike reaches 20 - 28mph depending on the model and have an average range of 25-50 miles on one charge.  


What’s so great about the pedal assist? 

With pedal-assist, you choose how much of a boost you’re getting. If you’re heading up a steep hill, picking a higher assistance level will lighten your load. If you’re in the mood for a workout, keeping a low assistance level will get your legs and lungs pumping and extend the range of your ride. You can switch back and forth between assist levels anytime as the terrain and your energy level changes. The amount of torque these finely tuned machines are able to provide is more than enough for the beginner to average rider to tackle the hilliest terrain.


Eco-Friendly Commuting, Easy Errands 

We know that riding a traditional bike is a blast, and you may not be interested in the pedal-assist for your fun weekend rides. Instead, consider using an e-bike to drive less and enjoy your daily travels more. That one big hill on the way to work that keeps you from biking to work more often? The extra couple of miles to the grocery store that feels too far to walk? A busy schedule that doesn’t allow you enough time to ride a traditional bike from one commitment to the next? Fatigue at the end of a long day? Pedal-assist can give you the extra boost to do all of these things by bike (and avoid traffic congestion while you’re at it). Racks and panniers allow you to carry groceries and your work bag with ease, while cargo e-bikes can handle the additional weight of a person riding on the back. 


Still not sure if an e-bike is in your future? Good thing we offer test rides and rentals so you can come see for yourself and enjoy a little extra power to go all the places you want to go! 

  • For a super-capable cargo (and kid-hauling) e-bike, try the Yuba Kombi E5 
  • For around town, bike paths, commuting, or doing errands, try the Specialized Como 
  • For gravel riding, road, and weekend explorations, try the Specialized Vado (pictured here) or drop-bar Creo. Niner RLT e9 drop-bar gravel bikes will also be arriving in spring of 2022.




  • For trail riding and more technical gravel and Class 4 road exploration, try the Specialized Tero or full suspension Levo. Stay tuned for Rocky Mountain Powerplay eMTBs arriving in 2022.



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