ChiRunning Clinic - Rise And Shine Running - 2nd May 2021

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Onion River Outdoors is excited to partner with Rise And Shine Running to offer a ChiRunning clinic this spring.

The ChiRunning technique applies principles from Tai Chi to distance running promoting energy efficiency and injury prevention. How you run dictates how stress goes through your body while running. Efficient running technique affords less stress on your body and requires less effort. Developing efficient running technique is an essential component to restore or sustain your running practice. Efficient ChiRunning Technique can be learned through focused practice.

A ChiRunning Clinic takes you through 3 steps to start developing the skill of efficient pain-free running:
1) Understand the efficiency of ChiRunning
2) Feel the efficiency and ease of ChiRunning in your own body
3) Guided Practice of ChiRunning 

Click here to learn more about Rise And Shine Running.


Cost: $175/person (includes a personalized video analysis) 

Maximum 8 participants.

Face coverings are required and we'll maintain safe distances at all times.

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