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Explore the winter. The EVO OT 60 POSITRACK blends a user-friendly shape and waxless design for maximum enjoyment on the winter trails. The ski's shorter length enhances maneuverability and control for superior confidence, while our waxless base strikes the right balance of grip and glide with no prep required. Easy kick and glide
Waxless Positrack base for the ideal balance between grip and glide on all types of snow.

Maneuverability and control
Our short-sized concept increases maneuverability, control and ease of use.

Light and durable
The Wood Air Core offers durable off-piste performance with air channels for reduced weight.

Nordic Base Tuning Positrack
Nordic Plate IFP
Nordic Ski Construction Activ'cap, Extended edges,Tail protector
Nordic SkiCore LDC Core
Ski Sidecuts Dimensions 60 - 50 - 55
Ski Sidecuts Dimensions 60 - 50 - 55

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