Darn Tough 1102 1/4 LW w/Cushion

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Height: Quarter
Weight: Lightweight
Pair with: Training shoes, athletic shoes, gym sneakers


Men's 1/4 socks average 5.5 in. from heel to cuff - expect them to show about 3 in. above a low athletic shoe.
A performance fit means no slipping, no bunching, no hot spots. Here's to focusing on your workout and not your feet.
Arch support alleviates foot fatigue and bunching for long-running comfort with zero slippage.
We strategically remove material in our flex windows for socks that support good form and a full range of motion.
Merino Wool is a great athletic fiber that actively moves moisture, fights foot funk, and feels silky smooth.
Lightweight socks breathe well, feel great, and regulate temperature during tough workouts.
The "still" in Still Made in Vermont, USA is personal. We knit all our socks at our VT-based Mills - we can't imagine it any other way.
Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life - if these aren’t the longest lasting socks you’ve ever owned, return them for another pair.

Style Number: 1102

These Athletic 1/4 socks have cushion underfoot, over the ankle, and up the Achilles for lasting rebound and protection.

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