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Onion River Outdoors' Annual Bike Swap

Saturday, May 1st 2021 - 9am - 2pm 


The annual bike swap is coming soon! Find the perfect new-to-you bike, sell that old bike that’s been taking up space in your garage all these years, or better yet do both! From kids bikes to road bikes, full suspension bikes and fat bikes, it’s all here and waiting for you! As always, our helpful and knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and to guide you toward the bike that is best suited for your riding.

To keep the fun covid-safe, we will be limiting the number of people who can browse at a time. Masks are required as well as the usual social distancing while shopping and while waiting in line!    

If you’re selling a bike… increase the likelihood of selling your bike at the price you want with these easy steps!

- Everyone wants to buy a clean, shiny bike, so brush off cobwebs and dirt and shine up the frame

- Put air in the tires

- Lube the chain

If your bike sells, you have some options:

80% of the selling price as a check OR 100% of the selling price as store credit

Stop by April 24th - April 30th to drop off your bike. A staff member will be on hand to help you decide what price it will best sell at and walk you through the process. If your bike is sold at the swap we will notify you by the next day, or you are welcome to stop in anytime during the afternoon to check and see. 

Please do not call the store between 9am and 3pm the day of the swap to see if your bike has sold - our staff will be busy selling all those awesome bikes and we will be unable to check on the sale of a specific bicycle. You're welcome to stop by the swap or call us after 4pm to see if your bike has sold. Thanks for your understanding!

Please pickup unsold bikes after the Bike Swap on Saturday, from 11am - 4pm on Sunday, May 2nd or from 10am - 5:30pm on Tuesday, May 4th. We are closed on Mondays. 



Group Rides 

Tuesday Evenings


Spring has sprung a bit early and we're going to make the most of these still short evenings with a 5:45pm departure from the shop every Tuesday for our shop gravel rides. 

A couple notes regarding group ride safety: Face-coverings are required and we'll maintain safe distances at all times. That means no pace lines on each others' wheels and safe (and legal) distancing on the roads. If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone who's sick, please stay home. Front and rear lights are highly recommended and required if we're out 1/2 past sunset.

What type of bike is needed for our gravel rides? While there are bikes designed specifically with gravel riding in mind, we like to say that "gravel" is a road surface, not necessarily a type of bike. Mountain bikes will be fine on our rides, as will flat bar hybrid bikes with at least somewhat knobby tires. Road bikes with at least 30-32mm tires will work. You'll want low gearing for our hills. Average pace will depend on who shows up and whether or not we can split into two or more groups. We'd like to have 10mph pace and a 15mph pace if possible, though group cohesion is the goal here, not crushing mileage. We look forward to riding with you this season! 

As always, stay tuned for updates - once the trails dry out and we’ll partner with MAMBA and explore more local trails on our Tuesday shop rides. 




Rise And Shine Running: ChiRunning Workshop

Sunday, May 2nd 2021 - 9am - 2pm 




Onion River Outdoors is excited to partner with Rise And Shine Running to offer a ChiRunning clinic this spring.

The ChiRunning technique applies principles from Tai Chi to distance running promoting energy efficiency and injury prevention. How you run dictates how stress goes through your body while running. Efficient running technique affords less stress on your body and requires less effort. Developing efficient running technique is an essential component to restore or sustain your running practice. Efficient ChiRunning Technique can be learned through focused practice.

A ChiRunning Clinic takes you through 3 steps to start developing the skill of efficient pain-free running:
1) Understand the efficient components of ChiRunning
2) Feel efficient components of ChiRunning in your own body
3) Practice efficient ChiRunning

Click here to learn more about Rise And Shine Running.


Cost: $175/person (includes a video analysis) 

Maximum 8 participants.

Face coverings are required and we'll maintain safe distances at all times.

CLICK HERE to sign up! 



Women's MTB Clinics

Summer 2021



Ready to take your skills to the next level? Join Onion River Outdoors and Christsonthy Drellos for a series of fun, supportive mountain bike clinics for women and non-binary riders as we hone our skills, learn to corner, and get our wheels off the ground! We'll ride at North Branch Trails in Montpelier, and we'll be social distancing during all elements of our clinic. Clinics will run from 9am - 1pm. 

June 12th: MTB Fundamentals

July 17th: Intro to Cornering

August 7th: Pumps and Jumps 

CLICK HERE to sign up! 


Onion Events



Muddy Onion 2022: Saturday, April 23rd

New and improved for 2022: THE WEATHER, and a lack of pandemic viruses. OK, we can't 100% promise that, but we're hoping conditions aren't quite as epic as the cold, rainy 2019 (the event lived up to its name!) or the virus-which-shall-not-be-named of 2020 and 2021. To relive the muddy fun of 2019, take a gander at Alex Geller's imagery HERE

Come out of your winter hibernation for a fully supported gravel grinder covering (almost) all of the amazing dirt roads Central Vermont has to offer. It's not easy, but it's definitely worth it. For those who are just getting their bike legs under them, there is a shorter loop that will still give you plenty of dirt, fun, and cow sightings.

Hooked already? Eager to sign up? Click here for registration.