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Tuesday & Thursday Evenings


It's that time of the season! Group rides are weather and conditions dependent, check our weekly rides page for more information! 




Group Runs





Group Runs 

Weekly group runs are done for the season! Stay tuned for other running events and for our spring group runs. 


Need a little low-stakes, fun-filled motivation to get running again? Sign up for a race! Not only will it (hopefully) add some fuel to your fire, it is also a great way to meet fellow runners and support local organizations. We are proud to partner with Central Vermont Runners and help with some of their season races. 


Upcoming CVR Races include:  

November 6th - Fallen Leaves #1

November 13th - Fallen Leaves #2

November 20th - Fallen Leaves #3

Click here to visit CVR's website and see the full schedule and location details. 


MTB Clinics

Summer 2021



MTB Clinics are done for the season. Stay tuned for next summer!

Questions? Send us an email


Onion Events




Click here for 2021 DWCX Results 


Autumn Onion 5K: Sunday, Oct. 31st, 9am


Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and raced this year! 

Click here to see the race results. 

This year's costume prizes go to: 

Daniel Costin as Squid Man for Most Committed to Running in Uncomfortable Costume
Andrea Dorwart Crane as a Construction Site, also for Most Committed to Running in an Uncomfortable Costume
Joe Merril as Most Interesting Man in the World for Funniest Costume
Ellery Mitchell as Medieval Ranger/Jedi for Best Kids Costume
Gavin and Thea Boyles for Most Vermont-y
Angela Shea as a Laundry Basket for Most Creative
And, we were inspired to add bonus category after seeing Manny Sainz's costume - for Scariest Costume





Muddy Onion 2022: Saturday, April 23rd

New and improved for 2022: THE WEATHER, and a lack of pandemic viruses. OK, we can't 100% promise that, but we're hoping conditions aren't quite as epic as the cold, rainy 2019 (the event lived up to its name!) or the virus-which-shall-not-be-named of 2020 and 2021. To relive the muddy fun of 2019, take a gander at Alex Geller's imagery HERE

Come out of your winter hibernation for a fully supported gravel grinder covering (almost) all of the amazing dirt roads Central Vermont has to offer. It's not easy, but it's definitely worth it. For those who are just getting their bike legs under them, there is a shorter loop that will still give you plenty of dirt, fun, and cow sightings.

Hooked already? Eager to sign up? Click here for registration.