Autumn Onion


Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and raced this year! 

Click here to see the race results. 



This year's costume prizes go to: 

  •     Daniel Costin as Squid Man for Most Committed to Running in Uncomfortable Costume 
  •     Andrea Dorwart Crane as a Construction Site, also for Most Committed to Running in an Uncomfortable Costume 
  •     Joe Merril as Most Interesting Man in the World for Funniest Costume 
  •     Ellery Mitchell as Medieval Ranger/Jedi for Best Kids Costume 
  •     Gavin and Thea Boyles for Most Vermont-y 
  •     Angela Shea as a Laundry Basket for Most Creative
  •     And, we were inspired to add bonus category after seeing Manny Sainz's costume - for Scariest Costume