Autumn Onion


Thank you for those who ran our 2022 Autumn Onion &

Congratulations to our 2022 costume winners! 


Timnah Zimet as Mario for the Most Creative Costume

Calvin Winters as a Banana for the Funniest Costume

Danielle Myette as the Football Player for Most Committed to Running in an Uncomfortable Costume

Celia Riechel with the Camo Hat and Plaid Shirt for the Most Vermont-y Costume

Helen Shoesmith as Red Archer for Best Kids' Costume 

Cheryl and Darrel Lasell as Flapper and Sheik for the Best Couple's Costume


You can find the full results here. And be sure to check out photos on our Facebook page!



Top Three Men: 

1. Patrick Kantlehner, 20:00

2. Ben Donahue, 21:03.3

3. Mochi Kaimu, 21:15.1


Top Three Women:

1. Celia Riechel, 23:40.2

2. Danielle Myette, 27:48.5

3. Jolynda Burton & Samantha Jacobson, 28:09.9


Top Three Non-Binary: 

1. Timnah Zimet, 23:23.8




Are you ready for the best Halloween Costume Race in VT!? Join the fun and race through downtown Montpelier in your best Halloween costume. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Race will start at 9am! Day of race registration will be available an hour before the start.

Prizes for top finisher in each adult category and for the ... 

• Funniest Costume

• Most Creative Costume

• Most Vermont-y Costume

• Best Kid's Costume

• Most Committed to Running in an Uncomfortable Costume