Julbo Paddle Reactiv

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The innovative construction of the frame contains thousands of air bubbles for genuine floatability. Reactiv lens technology means the brighter the condition, the darker the lens becomes. With Grip Tech temples and a Grip Nose, these sunglasses stay in place and defy wind, waves and choppy seas with no fear of falling. Thanks to their rectangular design and Californian feel, you're sure to take them everywhere: on the water, to the beach... and way beyond.

Nose Grip : Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge.
Bubble frame - floating : Innovative frame construction: thousands of tiny bubbles are built into the frame so the glasses float.
Cord attachment : Allows attachment of a cord.
Curved temples : Ergonomic profile for good grip on the face and head.
Grip Tech temples : Exclusive soft material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, for perfect grip and comfort.

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