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Co-Owner of Onion River Outdoors Jen really champions the "Outdoors" part of the name.

  • Jen wrote the book "Best Day Hikes In Vermont", the second edition of which was just published by the Appalachin Mountain Club.

    • Jenn knows the mountains of VT like the back of her hand. Ask her for directions, what hikes are great for kids, what hikes are great for dogs, what you need to be prepared for a day out on the trail, and any other thoughts that might pop into your head!

  • Jen also leads our Women's Beginner Mountain Bike Clinics.

  • A fun fact / super cool fact, Jen traveled all over the country and world telemark racing in college on the US Telemark Ski Team. From Nordicskis to backcountry bindings she’s got you covered.

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Co-Owner of Onion River Outdoors / Cyclocross Racer / Frankebike Builder

  • Kip is knows for showing up to every group ride with a different bike. Not because he bought a new one from the bike shop he owns, but because he found a way to put together another full “working” bicycle from all of the old parts lying around his basement.

  • Kip has won the “Race to the Top”, the annual race up Mt Mansfield, multiple times. He says his best fuel is doughnuts.

  • A common quote from Kip Roberts: “Woah is that a coster brake? Cool dude”

  • Like Jen, Kip loves to tele ski, and believes it is the fastest growing winter sport.

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Soft Goods Buyer / 2nd fastest 100 miler on earth in 2018

  • First at the 2018 Northface Endurance Challenge 50 Miler and the 2018 Ghost Train 1000 Mile Trail Race and 3rd in the Vermont 100.

  • Unreal knowledge of running, Cheez-Its, and how to make tasty baked goods.

  • Jinks can paddle boats in fast water and is also a car rack master known for installs in the pouring rain



AKA Our Gal Friday

  • What does Cail do at ORO? The answer to that question is surely too long to fit in this space. Ordering, receiving, morale boosting, you name it…Cail does it!

  • She prefers to mountain bike in hiking boots, climb in sweatpants, and ski and hike in jeans

  • Cail loves the folks she works with and tends to feed them cookies



  • Ask Paul about just about anything - bikes, skis, snowshoes, flannels, fanny packs, sleeping bags, and wooly mammoth stuffed animals.

  • Trust Paul with all of your bike repair needs, or for a fantastic local trail recommendation.

  • Paul used to be a park ranger! Nifty!