Nemo Tempo W's 20 Deg. Reg. Sleeping Bag (Hamlet/Midsummer Night)

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Sleeping in the innovative Tempo 20 Sleeping Bag by NEMO Equipment Inc. gives you the comfortable space you need to get a good night's rest. This bag's self proclaimed Relaxed Spoon shape design gives you more room in the shoulders, elbows, and knees to help prevent feelings of claustrophobia and make room for side sleepers. Synthetic insulation and DWR-treated fabric help keep you warm even when condensation builds up in the tent. If you put on too many layers before bed, unzip the Thermo Gills to release heat without letting in cold air, or connect your bag to your partner's compatible Tempo model if you are looking for more warmth. The conveniently integrated pillow-pocket lets you stuff the sleeve with extra clothes to make a pillow-on-the-go, while the external draft collar retains heat with a tucked-in feeling.


Spacious sleeping bag designed for side sleepers and campers
Statofiber synthetic insulation stays warm even if it gets wet
Extra space at elbows and knees makes room for side sleepers
Venting technology lets you vent without letting cold air in
Full-length zipper pairs with men's Tempo
External draft collar feels like a blanket and retains heat
Integrated pillow pocket lets you stuff clothes in the sleeve
Innovative design founded in New Hampshire and made in America

Max User Height[regular] 5ft 6in [long] 6ft
Shoulder Circumference[regular] 62in [long] 64in
Hip Circumference[regular] 58in [long] 61in
Foot Circumference[knee] (regular) 62in (long) 64in
Bag Length[regular] 73in [long] 78in
Draft TubeBlanket Fold
Pockets1 zippered stash
Pad Retainernone
Fill Weight[regular] 2lb 14oz
European Norm/ISO Lower Limit Rating31F
Storage Sackmesh
Stuff Sackcompression
Stuff Size[regular] 14 x 9in [long] 14 x 9.5in
Claimed Weight[regular] 3lb 12oz
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime
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