Introducing the Lending Library!

Experience the fun and functionality of a pedal-assist electric bike (e-bike). Ride for fun, do your errands, or commute on an e-bike borrowed from Onion River Outdoors for 2 days at no charge to you

We currently have three bikes available:

  • Specialized Turbo Como 2.0 (size small)

  • Yuba Spicy Curry or Boda Boda (one size fits most)

  • Evelo Galaxy (one size fits most)

All bikes are step-through models, meaning they have low cross bars for ease of mounting and dismounting. Some bikes have racks and other accessories available. The Yuba models are cargo bikes that can also carry a passenger  - or two, if they’re small! 

Sounds great! How do I reserve one?

Reserve online (, come into the store, or give us a call (802-225-6736) to reserve an e-bike for a two-day window. Bike loans are available to all adult Vermont residents with valid proof of residency, one 2-day period per person. We’ll take a refundable $200 deposit before you take off. When you return, if all equipment is accounted for and there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear, we will happily refund your deposit.

How do I get my e-bike home?

We encourage you to ride your e-bike home from ORO if possible. If you are going to transport the e-bike with a car, it will need to go inside the vehicle, so please plan for the backseats to be down and not needed for passengers. These bikes are heavy and most bike racks are not rated to carry them. We will help you get the bike stowed safely for travel.

Important information:

• There will be a $25 late fee for e-bikes not returned by the close of business on the return date (6:00pm weekdays, 5:00pm Saturday, or 4:00pm Sunday). In order for us to return your deposit on the same day, please come in 15 minutes before close.

• There will then be an additional $75 late fee for every day the e-bike is not returned, starting on the first day it is late.

• You must follow all the rules and regulations of bicyclists as required by the State of Vermont. Find information at

• You acknowledge that you are responsible for all loss of equipment or damages other than normal wear and tear. Charges will be assessed at full retail value and must be paid at the time of return.

• We will provide the e-bike in excellent working condition. No reimbursement will be issued for any mechanical problems, including flat tires, if you have service done someplace other than Onion River Outdoors.

• You may not ride or continue to use any equipment if it has a flat tire, or is in any way mechanically unfit for riding.

• You agree not to leave the bike exposed to the elements overnight. Please note that these bikes are heavy and will be difficult or impossible to get up a flight of stairs. You will need a place to store the bike securely on the ground floor.

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