Thule OutWay Platform SILVER/BLACK

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For those of us that don't have a vehicle with a tailgate hitch, hauling bikes from one location to another often requires a trunk-mounted bike rack. We'd prefer to transport our trusty steeds with a reliable platform rather than allow the frames to swing freely in the wind, but options are limited when a hitch isn't accessible. That is, until Thule designed the OutWay Platform Bike Mount to haul your bike with the tires supported, all from the trunk of your car. The OutWay Platform rests on the back of your car much like a traditional bike rack, and goes further to provide a stable platform for each tire, allowing you to haul up to two bikes while keeping your rear lights and license plate visible. AcuTight clamps secure the frame of your bike to the rack, thereby reducing vibrations over potholes and speed bumps, and the rack is secured to your car with similar AcuTight technology, preventing strangers from swiping your trusted hauler.

Trunk-mounted bike rack features a reliable platform design
Functional platform style keeps your license plate visible
Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including sedans
AcuTight clamps apply constant tension to the bike frame
Lockable tightening system keeps your rack from disappearing
Supports up to 66 pounds of total weight

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