Backcountry Skis, Nordic Skis, Telemark Skis, Touring Skis, Junior Skis… We have a full selection of skis to get you out the door and exploring the great Vermont woods this winter!



Fischer Spider

Fischer® Spider™

One of Fischer’s most versatile skis, the Spider™ is lightweight, with a steel edge, allowing the skier to glide and climb with exceptional stability.

Fischer Outback 68

Fischer® Outback™ 68

Fischer’s Offtrack Crown and Nordic Rocker allows the skier to power through any terrain. The weight of the Outback™ core is optimized to allow its steel edges to be most effective.

Fischer Traverse 78

Fischer® Traverse™ 78

The Traverse™ provides stability and grip in any condition you throw its way thanks to its steel edges and weight optimized construction. Easy Skins™ can be quickly added to make steep terrain more manageable.

Fischer Excursion 88

Fischer® Excursion™ 88

The Excursion™ 88 is a backcountry ski with Nordic Rocker™, Offtrack Crown™, and steel edges, enabling it to climb up hills right out your back door. Add Easy Skins™ to make the hills even quicker.

Fischer S-Bound 98

Fischer® S-Bound™ 98

The S-Bound™ 98 is made for the hardcore backcountry skier looking for a ski to take them wherever on the mountain they want to go. The Air Channel™ core is durable and light and delivers excellent control. Attach Easy Skins™ for added power and grip up the hills.

Fischer S-Bound 112

Fischer® S-Bound™ 112

Wider than the 98 the S-Bound™ 112 is geared toward the hardcore backcountry skier that wants to attack any terrain with confidence. The added width allows for more floatation in deep snow, while the Air Channel™ core keeps the ski light and durable.

Fischer Twin Skin Cruiser

Fischer® Twin Skin Cruiser™

The Twin Skin Cruiser™ is made for skiers looking for a truly high performance ski who. Twin Skin™ traction and Efficient Forward™ allows the skier smoother movement and a more forgiving kick action helping them achieve a faster tour.

Fischer Twin Skin Superlite EF.png

Fischer® Twin Skin Superlite EF™

Efficient Forward™ allows the skier a more forgiving kick action as well as smooth gliding. Twin Skin™ makes uphills easier by providing excellent grip, especially in hard and icy conditions.

Fischer SCS Skate.png

Fischer® SCS Skate

The SCS Skate™ has a new DTG WC Plus finish giving it top gliding performance in all snow conditions. The new tip of the SCS Skate™ is highly aerodynamic making for easy long distance skiing. The best alternative to World Cup Models.

Fischer JR SCS Skate.png

Fischer® SCS Skate Junior

Fischer JR Sprint Crown.png

Fischer® Sprint Crown™ Junior



Rossi BC 70.png

Rossignol® BC 70

Rossi BC 125.png

Rossignol® BC 125

Rossi BC 90.png

Rossignol® BC 90

Rossignol® OT 65



Voille Vector BC.png

Voile® UltraVector™ BC

Voile V6 BC .png

Voile® V6 BC




G3® ROAMr™ 100

G3 ROAMr 100 Elle.png

G3® ROAMr™ 100 Elle



Altai 125 Hok.png

Altai® Hok™ 125

Altai 145 Hok.png

Altai® Hok™ 145

Ski Placeholder.png

Altai® Kom™



Madshus Eon 62 .png

Madshus® Eon 62

Madshus Annum 78.png

Madshus® Annum™ 78

Madshus Epoch 68.png

Madshus® Epoch™ 68

Madshus SnowPup.png

Madshus® Snow Pup