Spring Wellness Series With Rise And Shine Running

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Three Keys to Feel Good Walking & Running: 6pm

We are excited to partner with Sarah Richardson of Rise And Shine Running for the 2nd Onion River Outdoors Spring Wellness Series presentation. 

Come learn how proper body mechanics while walking and running can reduce stress on the body and prevent injuries. Less pain and injury while walking and running creates a more enjoyable experience, which ultimately leads to fun and consistent training. Designed with recreational walkers and runners in mind, this hour-long clinic is great for beginning runners, walkers and runners returning from injury, and athletes looking to decrease their chance for injury while training for an event. Together, we will explore specific body sensing exercises designed to improve your walking and running technique, resulting in ease and efficiency & feel-good fitness. You can expect discussion based teaching, light exercises with modifications if necessary, and time for Q & A. 

Sign up today! Spots are limited. 


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