We don't just love selling bikes, we love riding them too. Join us for one of our weekly shop rides and get out on muddy gravel roads, rooty trails or packed snow with the ORO crew.

Rides and routes change with the season so check our weekly rides page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information. 

Spring & Summer Group Rides 2024

Tuesday night group MTB rides - Our weekly trail rides are back this summer! We meet at 6pm, ride at 6:15pm sharp at a local trailhead so be sure to follow @onionriveroutdoors and @BikeMamba on FB, and join MAMBA's email list to get the location details. Rides are split into different pace groups to accommodate a variety of levels and last about an hour and a half.


Thursday evening group gravel rides - Our weekly gravel rides meet at 5:30pm at the shop and ride at 5:45pm sharp. Gravel rides are split into two groups, one fast-paced ride for 20-25 miles and one chill, no-drop ride for 10-15 miles. 

Get more info on our weekly rides page.

what to expect

We run weekly gravel and trail rides as conditions allow on a variety of trails in Central VT. We welcome all abilities, and know it can be kind of intimidating to go on a new group ride.

Here is what you can expect at one of our group rides: 

ORO group rides are informal gatherings led by volunteers who share their route knowledge.

They are free and fun!

While not instructional, you may learn a few things from fellow riders.

Open to all. When we can rustle up enough group leaders, we offer multiple types of ride to accommodate different energy levels, interests, speeds, and technical abilities. Each rider must exercise judgment about their own abilities when choosing to participate.

We value community as much as we do riding. Most of the time, we find some food and drinks afterwards and continue the camaraderie post-ride.

We are open!

Come visit us in person for our full inventory or shop select gear & apparel online!