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The SuperCharger is hailed as our best for skiing in-bounds, but make no mistake: it is the ski for those with an inclination to test the limits. Nothing speaks more to that desire than traction pattern base and the efficiency it provides when touring long distances over irregular topography.

The SuperCharger BC represents the widest ski in our scaled lineup. When merged with this ski’s long running length, moderate flex, and generous camber, the effect is a particularly adept skin-free touring vehicle that will leave Northeastern skiers especially pleased, as well as those who enjoy skiing some of the “flatter” forests in the Rocky Mountains. In short, expect to see them anywhere that nordic bindings still have a foothold.

Length (cm) 154 164 171 178 185
Tip Width (mm) 125 133 137 140 143
Waist (mm) 99 102 104 106 108
Tail Width (mm) 112 118 121 124 126
Radius (m) 17.6 18 18.5 19.5 20
Pair Weight 2460g 2940g 3090g 3260g 3510g



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